Shocking Facts About Celebrities You Didn’t Know

  Shocking Facts About Celebrities You Didn’t Know


Most of us out there are obsessed with our favorite celebrities, be it from adapting to their clothing style or daily routine. Some fans even go to an extent of living their favorite celebrity’s life. Back in the earlier days, famous celebs either tried to hide their weirdness or just brush it off as a lie and why not? We ourselves are shy enough to not let out our secrets whereas they are figures that the public look up to. There will be non-stop gossip and controversies even if a tiny aspect leaks out. 

Christopher Walken

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Many celebrities were tied up with odd jobs before they became famous. Christopher Walken had the most extraordinary job. He worked as a lion tamer at the age of sixteen in a circus. He was also featured in Madonna’s music video and was a dancer in a night club.

Jason Statham

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Before conquering Hollywood, Jason Statham was a model, street vendor and theatre actor. He is considered as the Hollywood’s hearthrob and has made such fine movies. Statham’s real passion was in diving and even took part in various competitions.

Gary Oldman

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Gary Oldman is a name that we would never forget. His acting has no comparison with anything. He’s one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. You wouldn’t believe that people shut him out from acting by degrading his skills. He was termed as a bad actor. But nothing stopped him from achieving his dream and we are the witness to it. 

 Christopher Lee

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Christopher Lee was a musician before. He worked with Manowar band and went on to record his first album at the age of 88. He is a perfect example of ‘age is just a number’.

Scarlett Johansson

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Scarlett Johansson, the name that every human knows in the entire planet. She defines beauty and elegance. Katy Perry was so mesmerized with Scarlett that she composed a song for her.